About Us

Creative ideas emerge from combining experiences in a new way. BCrafty evolved from owner Sean Taft's childhood memories of his woodworking grandfather and his mother taking him with her to sell her floral and hand-painted wooden crafts combined with a seemingly insignificant event while attending a 2005 local craft fair in the Arkansas Boston Mountains near his home. At that fair he watched his wife Tamera purchase a name train for their son Ace. Sean looked at the $10 object and thought, "I can do that better and cheaper and still make money."

Sean started in a 10' x 12' shed in his back yard constructed from discarded, secondhand lumber. He used his grandfather's old scroll saw, a treasured gift from years past during his research and trial run stages but sadly broke it through wear and tear while completing his first order. After researching what scroll saw technology was available, Sean drove 50 miles to Fort Smith, Arkansas, even though Fayetteville was much closer to purchase a specific model he thought would best suit his needs. It did even though he wore out three of those more advanced saws during his very first year. The early process involved using computer drawn and printed patterns pasted on plywood as a guide. Within that first year Sean received five orders a week through his Internet site. Needing to increase both efficiency and production, Sean investigated the potential of a CNC router computer driven machine that automatically placed and cut designs on plywood in the most economical and space-saving configuration. Surprising everyone but himself, Sean built his own CNC router in 2008.

Sean's gift is the ability to pair machines and materials while continually creating, expanding, and refining processes. At one point Sean was able to reduce employees by 30% through observation, experimentation and "twiddling," while still increasing total production. Our employees do a superb job of keeping up and adapting to the Sean's continual product line expansion as he expands materials, equipment and licensing. A distant, colonial period relation of President Howard Taft, President Taft, as he humorously likes to be called, believes the secrets to success are envisioning a market before it exists and cross-training employees so they can jump in wherever they are needed. Sean said, "Good products sell themselves so my job is to design more products before you know you want them."

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